Our Mission

Hives before honey. Texas Beeworks is more than a honey company, we're in the business of helping bees. We focus on the health and wellness of the hive, and we manage every Texas Beeworks colony with the mission of maintaining a healthy honeybee population. Our goal is to increase the bee population by placing and maintaining hives across the Lone Star State and to raise awareness about honeybees through education and public outreach. 

What We Offer

Texas Beeworks offers hive placement and management services, beekeeping classes and education, private lessons for new beekeepers, live bee removals, and raw, unfiltered, local honey. 

About the Beekeeper

Erika Thompson is the founder and owner of Texas Beeworks. She is a member of the Texas Beekeepers Association, the American Honey Tasting Society, and the Texas Master Beekeeper Program.